The most complete churn defense for Stripe

Stunning stops involuntary churn by helping you to recover more failed payments, and that's just the start.

Our customers have recovered in failed payments since 2012 with Stunning. We've been recovering failed payments on Stripe longer than anyone else, and we're the best at it.

You're losing revenue every month due to failed payments. You're tired of being the captain of what feels like a sinking ship. Every month, some of your hard earned customers are disappearing into oblivion, and you feel like you have no control over it.

You want to fix your failed payments problem once and for all.

What if you didn't have to worry about lost revenue due to failed payments and expired cards? What if you didn't have to write a single line of code to make that a reality? You get that, and much more with Stunning. Stunning gives you control over failed payment recovery.

We give you more than basic dunning emails.

It's easier than ever these days to send out emails when payments fail. Stunning helps you to do it the right way. We let you communicate with your customers in your own voice. We empower you to send the right messages to the right customers at the right time. Stunning enables you to vary your language over the email sequence so that your customers can feel the urgency build over time. We provide stats that let you know how much revenue you've recovered, and which customers are still in danger. We help you to communicate in the ways that are most effective for your business, such as in-app notifications or SMSes. Your customers can update their billing information in seconds with our optimized payment update pages that don't require them to log in. And that just scratches the surface of what Stunning can do.

Let us worry about failed payments for you.

We've been dealing with failed payments on Stripe for years, and we know that our methods are highly effective. We've recovered over 4.8 billion dollars for our customers. Stunning was built from the ground up to deal with failed payments, and it's our core feature. Our failed payment handling isn't just another feature that we added to make our app look more attractive. We're serious about failed payments.

So how does it work?

You connect Stunning securely to your Stripe account, using Stripe Connect.

Stunning monitors your Stripe account for important events.

When a customer triggers an event that you've set up notifications for, Stunning sends them on your behalf, and optionally notifies you as well.

"Ok, that sounds pretty cool, but I need to know that I can trust you."

You can! Stunning is:

Built by people who actually understand churn

We've been running successful web apps since 2006, and have thousands of customers of our own, spread out between multiple apps. We are serious about minimizing churn.

Reliable and tested

We send thousands of emails each week on behalf of our customers, and Stunning's back-end was built with over a decade of experience of running web apps at scale. We've been helping customers with failed payments on Stripe longer than anyone else out there, and we're the best at it.

Under your control

You are in complete control of the contents of the emails that we send out, and you can receive a copy of every email that we send on your behalf.

Updated on a regular basis

It's in our best interest to keep Stunning working as awesomely as possible, because we use it on our own apps! Stunning uses Stunning.


We use Stripe Connect to securely connect to your Stripe account, meaning that with a couple of clicks you're connected, and you have full control over our access to your account.

Built with our customers in mind

We are constantly talking to our customers to see what they need, and adding features that benefit everyone.

But you don't have to take our word for it!

Here's what some of our customers have to say about Stunning.

We use Stunning to send detailed receipts, emails about credit card status, and our favorite, personalized welcome emails. I love being able to send customized emails automatically based on actions that my customers have taken. This has cut our manual workload in half! I would recommend Stunning not only because the product is great, but also because the company building it is focused on our success. They are responsive, they are smart, and they offer a great product!
Blakely Graham
"Aside from the great benefits that Stunning provides from a CRM and retention perspective, their customer service is extraordinary. We have some unique payment models and the Stunning team went far above and beyond to help us with proper implementation and setup. The great communication and service, as much as the great product, will keep us on board as customers for a long, long time."
Gavin Thomas
Customer churn is one of the key metrics that we watch very closely here at FullContact. Stunning allowed us to focus on building our product while quickly implementing, without any code, a solution that allows us to send receipts, cancellation, and dunning emails to our customers.
Travis Todd

Stunning handles a lot more than just dunning.
Using Stunning is like strapping a jetpack onto your Stripe account.
Here's what else you get.

In-App Notification Bar

When a card is about to expire, or a customer has a failed payment, Stunning can let them know inside of your app. In-app notifications are even more effective than emails, because your customer is already engaged with your app when they see the notification.

Dunning SMSes

Having multiple ways to contact your customers when payments fail is essential. Stunning lets you also send SMSes to your customers when payments fail, with links that let them directly update their billing information. Don't have cell numbers for your customers? We can even help you collect them.

Backup Payment Methods

What if failed charges were immediately resolved, automatically? Backup Payment Emails proactively offer customers a way to add a backup payment method to their account. Customers are also prompted to add a backup card after updating the billing information for their main card. If a payment fails, Stunning switches their credit card to the backup and charges it.

Dunning Emails

When a card is unable to be charged for any reason, Stunning sends fully customizable emails to your customer and lets them know what the issue is so that they can fix it and keep their subscription active. For maximum revenue recovery, you can vary the contents of your email based on how many failed payment attempts have been made. Not using Stripe's subscriptions? Stunning can still send dunning emails for you.

Smart Retries

Some failed payments can be collected successfully if you just retry them at the right time. With Smart Retries, Stunning goes beyond Stripe's retries. It intelligently retries your failed payments at times that have the best chance of recovering revenue, based on your customer base and what's best for your particular app. It does it over a maximum of 21 days, for maximum recovery potential.

Pre-Dunning Emails

Shortly before credit cards expire, Stunning attempts to automatically update the billing information for them. If it's unsuccessful, it sends a series of emails to your customers on your behalf, so that they can update their billing information before a payment fails. This keeps your cash-flow on track, because you end up with less failed payments.

Payment Update Pages

Stunning provides secure payment update pages with Apple Pay, Pay With Google and Payment Request API support. You can link to them in your dunning emails, so that your users can easily update their payment info. You can also use our payment pages on your own domain, or you can link to your own!

Unpaid Reactivation

If a customer is marked unpaid and they update their billing information, Stunning will reactivate their subscription and charge them for their past due payments, bringing their account up to date automatically.

Upcoming Charge Emails

Reduce chargebacks by having a reminder email sent to your customers a week before they are charged.

Customizable Receipts

Easily send your customers fully customizable plain-text or HTML receipts each time they are charged. Use your own templates, for consistent branding.


Conditions allow you to have specific emails sent only to customers who meet certain criteria. Combined with the ability to have multiple templates, this allows you a ton of flexibility that lets you send the right emails to the right customers at the right times.

Billing History

Easily let your customers see a list of all of their successful charges and print/download them in PDF format.

Slack Notifications

Have real-time notifications pushed directly into the Slack channel of your choice when customers go delinquent, when they update their billing info and are successfully charged, when the dunning process is unsuccessful, or when emails bounce so that your team can follow up personally.

Welcome Emails

Have a custom email sent when a customer starts their subscription to your app.

Cancellation Emails

Stunning can send different emails to your customers depending on whether their account was cancelled manually, or automatically due to billing issues.

Trial Expiration Emails

These emails are sent to your customers before their trial period is over. You can use these to remind them that they are about to be charged, or to make sure that they get the full use of their trial.

Subscription Update Emails

These emails are sent to your customers as confirmation when their plan is changed.

Refund Emails

Have a confirmation email sent to your customers when you refund charges.

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